In this video I have a look at a customers Toyota Tacoma that has a fuel leak on the engine. It appears that someone has had their fingers in this one causing the issue. It also has some messed up issues in the marker lights. She's a crusty one boys 😅
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It's fine. Oh man. I can't even framework? Okay, oh, it's got the stick shift. Oh, it freaks like gas.

That way it comes out, it's handy, huh? Fancy. All right. hard to tackle this gas leak. I Guess watch up on the toolbox.

I Step on the brakes. That right front marker light comes on. All right. What you guys do on that for a while? Somebody's been here already.

obviously. Uh, you know, wiring harnesses out of those clips, aftermarket bolts, and the pressure regulator. It's peeing reality and uh, the injector here on the end. But you know, missing bolts here on the fuel rail so somebody's had their fingers all over it already.

Uh, let's see if we can't take the rail off at least. uh. seal it. injectors All right I don't know it might be I Think it might be easier for the throttle body out of the way little hoses.

Somebody's definitely been in here playing of course. I Don't know if we'll be able to lift it up past those studs with the coolant hoses on it. We will find out here shortly. Remote can go over here.

Foreign. That'll give us a little more room I wonder what they were doing in here? Always a million dollar question. All right. Well, we have to get the fuel line unhooked.

Get this return line unhooked I Don't know if I can squeeze them with my finger or not. Oh look at that I did yippee. Maybe I can do this one too. Oh wow.

I Get my junior technician badge. Let's say yourselves, um, this little dampener right here is great. Smack in the way of this. Bolt for the fuel rail with a leasing injector wires.

see if we can't Wiggle anymore if I'm putting that light right there so you can't see foreign. This one over here looks pretty rough. I Have to get something. Grab that rear one.

Let's see about taking this little guy off if we can do it without damaging the O-rings like I said, we have to remove it to get to the bolt. All right now we can get to that Bolt and the other bolt here. Let me grab a 12 mil. All right, that wasn't very snug.

What? there's that? Okay I wonder why somebody was in here to begin with? Were they trying to fix a leak? Or you know what was going on? All right, let's pop right out. Yeah, apparently you've nailed in there. Let's unhook the purge valve here. Foreign.

So here's the one that was leaking. I Think for obvious reasons. Oh, that's gotta be PC o-ring Here's another one. orange.

You're hanging out of it so they sit inside of a plastic cup in the intake. Yeah, this little ring is is sliced so that one's completely chowdered up there. It's got this. this will ring.

Look at that one. I Don't know. wonky something. Definitely in here playing.

Well, let's hope that we have the right ones. Let's see what we have. We ordered these bad boys from Napper. All right, let's see if we got.

this little ring goes at top. We have this one here that goes at the bottom that fills the plastic cup. I'm not sure about this fella. It appears that they had some sort of o-ring at the very top, but short of just sealing that I Don't know unless it went here, which seems kind of weird unless that holds tension.
I Don't know. Let me look in service data. It's kind of an older vehicle I Don't know if we'll find anything, but we're going to look what we know for a fact that one goes there. Put that ring back on.

Let's see if we can figure out where that little fella goes, but that O-ring feels good. Let me look at service data. must be a different application because all they tell you is apply a light coat of spindle, oil or gas to new O-rings installing each injector, the O-ring and the insulator. That's exactly what we have the insulator and the O-ring so it must be.

Whatever that came with in that aftermarket kit is a little different application. So if we put it together and see something different, well, we'll do something different, right? But until then, we'll keep on keeping on. there's the part number. These were pretty inexpensive.

We'll save all these little guys like I said, just in case and figure out something different. but put these in, wiggle them babies in. Maybe that's what happened. Maybe somebody tried to seal these up.

Obviously somebody's been in here. I Mean you can see. Maybe they jammed that extra piece on because it came with the aftermarket kit and then all hex broke loose by trying to fix a problem. They created a problem.

who knows I don't know I never get the full stories. so I don't even ask. It's like trying to ask a child something. Half the time we talk to the customers we just figured out.

Along the way it's easier. Good news and bad news. So I set it on there. Good news is the last guy that worked out was the hack and he left us the bolt here.

I Assume that's the one that goes here so we'll save that. Let's stick that over here. The other thing is I see the spacer right here at the end of my pointy fuel. that hole that spaces from the cylinder head to the injector rail.

I look back here. It's Mia So that's why that rear bolt was not very tight making the rail sit on here. all the cockeying. Well the other good news is the guy with the hack so way down here in the Chattahoochee see if I can get a hold of that sucker? Come on baby, come on, be nice.

Oh you mother you guys saw I had let me put you down. Where'd you go baby? You can't get that out because we need it. Otherwise the rail's not going to sit straight there it is. boys.

So there is our spacer for the rear bolt. So there's that little thing and it's got a little chip out of it. but no big deal. See, we can't put her in here where it belongs.

Well, at least they left all the parts and pieces laying around for us. That's good news. We'll get these injectors lined up and a little hole they got going. There's that one.
there's that one. I'll have to rewind the video. Be kind. Please rewind.

Remember that sticker used to be on the VHS tapes I do um I'll three white maybe I dropped that but I kind of doubt it being the way that it felt. So let's uh, give these a snug a dug all right and then what I want to see is if the injectors want to go down any further, you know, indicating that we need that other rubber spacer but they don't they're very Stout Okay, so I think we're in good shape, Let's put this bolt back in like I say I'm assuming that's where it goes. That's one we were missing, right? you can always assume. Set that back there.

Beautiful. We're doing really good. You and I look at that baby back in, put a couple bolts on it and everything kind of put back together and hooked up. see if she leaks gas anymore.

It's got quite a puddle under here. One clickety clack, two Clickety clacks. All right. we're home free.

How do we go from working on? be working on one of these things? I Don't know. We may never know. Is that where this one goes? Probably? I Think this one door's here. Put that baby in.

It's gonna be better than when we found it. Look that baby in foreign. Get all of our injectors plugged back in here. We're going to take and be a nice guy.

We're going to put all the wiring harness back where it belongs even though the last guy didn't make you wonder what the heck guy was doing in here. huh? Let's just hope it wasn't a shot. At least a guy who's getting paid got that down there. If that belongs, there's that one.

There's that one I don't know about that one. Let's get this back over here. I'll buy it back on there. plug it up as they say is this and that we'll see if the guy wants his brake lights fixed.

Probably just the bulb shorted out is my guess I've been wrong before. There you go baby. Let's see. look at this down around here.

man. you've been this harnesses out all the way around the front. This is consistent. Look at that one clicked in I want to clicked in I'm guessing the silver down there front injector I think didn't go up the smoke foreign turn signal is on I've got the classic flashing through brake light marker lights flashing.

This one's flashing. everybody's flashing back here. Oh, let's see what kind of the hackery we have underneath. but oh boy.

I Don't think we're gonna pick her up on a lift folks. Uh, we'll crawl around on the ground here for a minute. However, here's our spliced in trailer converter. Got a big meltable right through it.

freaking blob coming out of it. Tell you what Got an idea. Here's my idea. One two, Go my shoe.

Okay, we'll see if our problems fixed. Okay, oh look at that. We fixed the array. Let's make sure turn off our turn signal here.

Step on it. We gotta get fit. Okay, everything works there. We have brake lights back.
Let's click the wrong button. Yep, we've got brake lights back there. We got turn signal and turn signal. We did it.

We're good. How do we know where the problem was going to be? Experience: Can't tell you any more than that. Pretty common issue. What's this thing for? I Don't believe ever worked on the same guy did the brake lines.

Pretty rough truck. We're gonna leave it like it is. I'll get under there and cut those wires a little differently so they don't touch each other. but she's pretty rough shape so well.

These pictures brake lights, worm and no more gas leak so that's good. but it's pretty much well done anyways. We'll even ask go Fix that Chevy and then what? We start working on.

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