In this video I bring you along as I go through the process of swapping out an engine in a 2015 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2.5L RWD. The engine is out and now it is time to due the big swap over. Take all the parts off the old engine and put them on the "new" before we finish the transplant.
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All right folks, here's the Junkyard engine. This is customer Supply They have no idea if it's any good, if there's how many miles around it or if it's even the right engine so no idea there. this is where we left off. that's all the junk.

I Peeled off the junkyard one. of course. you know when they take them out of the wrecking yard they you know, cut the harness and cut the hoses and all that stuff. Um, so you have to take it off.

Uh, plus even if they didn't cut it I wouldn't uh I wouldn't use it because I want to make sure that you know the ECM pin configuration. everything is you know for this car. So I just got it back basically to a you know, to a long block essentially left the injectors in a high pressure fuel pump you know, coils, exhaust manifold, water pump. so hopefully it is the correct one.

I've read the comments before. you know some of you folks own shops or work at Shops and get super pumped. If a customer you know supplies their own parts which I don't care about most of the time my labor rate is higher if you bring your parts. Um, and of course there's no warranty.

Of course there's a warranty on my workmanship, but there's not a warranty on the part you know I don't care if this motor is bad or not I get paid either way and then I'll get paid to do it twice. So it's kind of a win-win Oh I sound like a jerk I Mean it's not a win-win it's a win-win for me. I guess I Guess the fact of the matter is like I can't lose I don't have to eat anything just cutting some of my zip ties off here I had this stuff out of the way. Um, of course you know I'm very transparent with my customer too and let them know yes, you can bring me an engine if it's no good.

that's your problem baby. You know? In which case, you know this guy you know agreed with I'm not going to do a hack job or a crappy job just because he brought me his own part I don't I just wants his car fixed. So anyways, typically if I sell a used engine I have several buyers that I buy into this from and they're always buying them with the warranty. so a parts and label warranty if the customer doesn't want to pay the extra 400 bucks for the you know, one year unlimited mileage parts and labor warranty I won't sell the engine because I'm certainly not gonna, you know, eat it myself I mean it's a used engine, so that's the only way I sell them if they don't want to buy the warranty.

Well, you can go buy your own engine, bring it to me and still have no warranty, but then it's just. you know, it's off my conscience. It's not my problem, so that's that's how I do use engines I may have even mentioned it I don't even know what was wrong with this one. he I wasn't asked to diagnose it.

Uh, he had another shop. they diagnosed it but couldn't replace it. It did excuse me allergic to work at least that's what I was told. So here we are.

baby there we go. So I'm just gonna work on getting the wiring harness off and getting stuff swapped over. It's kind of just the monotonous, tedious part of the whole job. Gotta swap the intake and all that garbage.
And just to forewarn you, I'm probably going to fast forward through some of this show you the process, but not every single clip. Every single fastener tedious enough. You guys don't want to sit through an hour or so of that. I'll tell you that much.

All right. Free tip for you though. Um, this is a big harness I don't know how naturally it's going to light so leave yourself some Clues particularly on spots where it doesn't seem as obvious like I had to sneak this out of behind the water pump. So I just leave myself a little note behind the water pump and then that way there it'll you get this in place, some of the rest of it kind of Falls in place and it will kind of all fall together.

All right. Foreign? Thank you Foreign Foreign thank you Okay, foreign, foreign foreign Thank you. Josh Yeah, we gave me a 13 wrench. Foreign I Think that's about it folks.

uh. oil level Center down here. Point that in that clip there no sense of putting intake on I Had to take the old intake uh, right here off the junkyard motor I Couldn't remember if this ran above or below that hope. but I knew it clipped in the intake I just couldn't remember where.

uh, this is the injectors. We'll leave that unhooked because we still need to have the intake off. I Think we need the intake off. take starter off, take the bell housing out, or take the four converter bolts out.

rather. so we're gonna leave that off. So we've got some extra wires down here. We've got to tighten up our grounds.

That's for a starter starter. that's for something else. I Don't want something in the intake? probably map sensor I would imagine. And then this was all the craft that came off that we had zip tied up to the front.

Uh, this must go on the intake too, right? We got what we got. Throttle body. yes, we got throttle body. then yep, then a map sensor here.

So like I say this is the old old intake. Um I think everything else is plugged in everything else but on the home. So let me tighten up these ground wires. let me put our uh hose back on here before I forget uh, make sure the clamps are all good I Want to tighten up all my grounds and then we'll proceed from there.

All right. Foreign got things I Want to do cat hair and they're snuggling my kitty? Um, that baby's pretty much swapped over I think I'm gonna run down to the harbor freight and grab us one of those thousand pound lifting tables it should be. you know, high enough capacity to pick this thing up and down. And I think I'm going to do that simply because it would have been nice when we're lifting it off if we could have unbolted it and scooch it.

Forward just a little bit because we had lots of room in front, but it was really tight to the back on those brake lines. and where that you know they got that piece of carpet over the back of the engine there. Uh, I mean so far it's pretty easy. pretty easy swap setup, you know, overly difficult one.
just time consuming. So I ran out of time today at too many other things going on. I got a lot going on tomorrow so I don't know one of the uh when we'll be back on. hopefully hopefully sometime tomorrow.

but just doing little chunks here put them out like this. hope you guys like it and don't get too frustrated that they're all little small parts of the same car. So anyways, catch you on the next one. Foreign.

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